The difference between two old men is that when one was born, the Doolittle raid was still being hailed, and when the other was born, a million starving Germans were hoping to survive come winter. One of them is about to perform the fatigued spectacle
Who should conservatives think is America's enemy in the world?
The biggest risk that Ukraine has isn’t in its own military or tactics. It’s who will occupy the White House after 2024. And: Remember this about police…
Can Nikki Haley win?
The policy of the Memphis PD was to “clean up the streets.” We see how that worked out. In Atlanta, 1,000 National Guard may be called up to evict…
Plus the Paul Pelosi video and a war warning regarding China
Good morning. This Sunday is on the heels of the 37th anniversary of the Challenger disaster and Holocaust Remembrance Day. I don’t have much to say on…
Nobody will blame Biden for stepping away. He will be lauded and celebrated for it. But if he runs, nothing good can come of it.
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