Barr is done: The last brick in Trump’s house has fallen.

Attorney General William Barr has stepped down, according to multiple reports. From the New York Times:

Mr. Barr had in recent weeks fallen out of favor with the president after acknowledgingthat the department had found no widespread voter fraud, but Mr. Trump sought to play down their differences, saying in a tweetannouncing Mr. Barr’s departure, “Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job!”

And Mr. Barr said in a resignation letter, much of which was devoted to praising Mr. Trump’s term, that the Justice Department was pursuing allegations of voter fraud. Mr. Barr had acknowledged earlier this month that the department has not found any evidence of widespread irregularities that would overturn the outcome of the election.

Now everyone has failed President Trump, from his cabinet, to his campaign staff, to the White House staff, to the Supreme Court, to the Republicans in Michigan, who has stubbornly refused to change electors.

The last brick in Trump’s presidency has fallen, just as his greatest achievements are coming to fruition. There is a coronavirus vaccine before the end of 2020, something pundits said was impossible. A flurry of former enemies of Israel now have full diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. And Iran does not have a nuclear weapon.

It is a shame that Trump will be remembered as the president who refused to quit when he was ahead.