Christmas carol countdown #2

"Silent Night"

“Silent Night” makes me think of the stillness of the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. The kids are in bed, the preparations are made, the presents are wrapped, and finally, there is a moment to just sit and enjoy the calm before the storm that is Christmas morning.

The song was written by Joseph Mohr, an Austrian priest, in 1816. It was first performed on Christmas Eve 1818. Mohr played guitar and sang to the accompaniment of Franz Gruber, the choir director who wrote the music.

Franz Gruber should not be confused with Hans Gruber, a character in a Christmas movie set at Nakatomi Plaza.

This beautiful version of “Silent Night” is performed by Andrea Bocelli, the famed tenor, who is a devout Catholic and strongly pro-life. Doctors advised Bocelli’s mother to abort her pregnancy due to appendicitis.


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