Trump rallies mob

President Trump was in full campaign bravado speaking for well over an hour to a large and adoring audience.  He asked his supporters to “Never give up” and to “Never concede”.  Trump invited the rally goers to march from the White House to the Capital Hill lawn.  The President asked for Vice President Pence to ‘ignore the RINOs and idiots and do the right thing today, as the crowd yelled “fight for Trump” in the background. He belittled Georgia Governor Kemp referring to him as “What’s his name”.  Trump referred to Senator Romney as a weak Republican.

Trump sounded like a tried and true American demagogue, like I have never witnessed during my several years of political happenings.  You would have to be over a hundred years old to have listened to William Jennings Bryan, railing against the gold standard, and asking not to be crucified on a “cross of gold”. Trump probably sounds more like the Louisiana Kingfish, Huey Long. Long had a reputation mangling the truth and never forgot to take revenge on an adversary.

The president has a knack for identifying real problems and tangling them with unproven conclusions.  Much time spent discussing ballot harvesting, the voting dead, and illegal voters.  All of these topics have merit for discussion.  None of these discussions warrant an overturn of this election result.  Much time spent discussing an America with a far left agenda after Biden takes office.  He said after the Georgia runoff that only his veto stands in the way of blocking a Democrat agenda.  What he did not mention is that much of his words and deeds since November 3 have directly created the results we now have to live with starting tomorrow.

I am not sure what office Trump is running for.  Is it Demagogue-in-Chief?  As I write the Trump mobs are holding the Capitol hostage with the police holding them back with teargas.  Small band have entered the building threatening The House Chamber. Congress is being evacuated.

Where do we go from here? None of us want to be Banana Republicans .