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I wasn’t going to write this morning, but this turned into a short post. At the bottom is a review of all our best articles from the week. Please go back and read what you might have missed. Happy Friday!

The world is considerably brighter today. Israel and Hamas have agreed to an Egypt-brokered cease-fire. Egypt sponsored, negotiated, mediated, and is going to monitor the cease-fire. Not the U.S., and not President Biden. Both sides agreed to stop the war and the escalation. Neither side “won.”

However, reading the AP, you’d get not one, but two bad narratives. Buy one, get one free: BOGO.

President Biden made a few phone calls and is trying to act like this was his deal. It wasn’t. The Middle East has grown up and is taking care of its own business, much as it always has. President Trump’s greatest diplomatic feat (or you could say his one success in a farcical four years of idiots-on-parade) is recognizing the natural order of alliances in the Middle East and going with that, instead of trying to control everything, as Bush and Obama did. Trump is no more responsible for the Abraham Accords than Biden is for this cease-fire; he made a few phone calls, but they were the right phone calls.

Biden has brought back the ham-handed U.S. intrusion into a very complicated, but morally very simple, status quo in Israel. The Palestinian people keep electing or refusing to reject terrorists, corrupt tyrannical dictators, and fanatics to represent their interests, and those people, such as Hamas, spend blood and treasure trying to destroy Israel versus trying to come to a peaceful agreement with it.

Israel is not going to be destroyed. Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Sudan, and other nations have come to that conclusion (notably, Iran has not). Egypt can talk to Hamas and “reason” with them in terms Hamas will receive. Israel cannot. Egypt can talk to Israel and plainly represent the best and worst case scenarios, and Israel is grown-up and can make rational decisions.

The cease-fire was needed, and Egypt gets the credit. Good for them. The Palestinians might celebrate—and they should, because they were getting clobbered in the war they started—but in no world did they “win.” But of course the AP has to present the Hamas and PA party line, because that’s the only spoon they eat from.

President Biden gets zero credit for making a few phone calls, but the AP has to give an “hour by hour” account of making a few phone calls.

And these paragons of introspection wonder why nobody believes the media anymore.


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