Long Tom Jefferson Tweets

If Jefferson had Twitter

We want to try a new thing because lederhosen is a funny word, and we think it’s funny to see what Thomas Jefferson might tweet if Twitter was around in 1799—or, better, if he lived today.

So…Jay, being a history buff (a history aficionado who is also a body builder is a buff history buff, no? — Jay is not a buff buff but a lean one), took up the task. He dug in his garage, found the Orb under an old pair of Nikes, and as he touched it, the tweets flowed.

Today, let’s take Tom into the realm of “fake news” and social media fact-checking. Would Tom support Section 230? Would he want it repealed?

This is a new thing, so if you don’t find it as funny as Flarp in your carpet, leave your suggestions for improvement in the comments. Even better, the tweets themselves, and certainly Long Tom’s account, are “real” as in they exist. You can retweet or reply just as any self-respecting clod from 1799 would.

Have fun with it! If it works, maybe this will be a new Friday thing.