Marriage: Politically yoked or unyoked

When politics causes friction in a marriage

Most of us know what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:14 where Paul warns us not to be yoked with unbelievers. But there is nothing about being equally yoked for a political marriage.

When we finally find that person that we want to do life with, we become giddy with excitement! We start with the proposal, the engagement period, and then the wedding plans.


Then BAM! Things with the wedding don’t go as planned and we start feeling stressed. But once those doors open and you see the love of your life standing there, the stress disappears. Your only focus is on that moment and nothing else matters. The wedding celebration is over and you’re on Cloud Nine as you head towards the honeymoon suite.

Life is great!!! The honeymoon stage still has you on Cloud Nine and then, all of a sudden, things start to shift. You have your first marital argument, financial problems, job changes, babies, and moving to different places can all add stress to a marriage. That’s how marriage goes. But what happens when politics comes into play, especially like it has with 2020 and the pandemic?

When both are one political party and one starts to change views, things can get a little bumpy. It’s a knee-jerk reaction that you can’t hide.

You try to talk about why things have changed for them. The talk then turns into a political debate and then a heated argument. Heated arguments lead to honeymoonless nights and tiptoeing around a stranger during the day. And in a pandemic, there is nowhere else to go.

Tensions get high. Things are said and then the quiet settles.

Sadly, we have let the politics and the pandemic take control of our daily lives. We have lost focus on the most important things in our marriage: Each other, our kids, home life, and jobs. We have let all these things go down the drain over people who do not care about us one way or the other.

Many marriages will not survive these things. So much love could have been saved if the marriage partners didn’t let it consume them from day to day.

Walk away from the television and electronics. Focus on your family. They have seen the back of you for far too long. These are the main ones who should matter most during such a time as this.  

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