Preschoolers with nukes and needles

We are driving ourselves to insanity by listening to kooks and idiots, attempting to reason with people who sport a three-year-old mentality.

This is the ultimate troll. Nicki Minaj got Dr. Anthony Fauci to attempt to debunk her cousin’s friend in Trinidad’s swollen gonads as a result of taking a COVID-19 vaccine. The name Nicki Minaj has never been in my consciousness until now, so I guess her bid to gold-plate her brand succeeded.

Fauci and many others in the medical administrative state have gone insane trying to reason with three-year-olds who refuse to take their medicine, and are now reduced to being drawn into every stupid conversation that only makes them look like the idiots they’re arguing with.

Lots of people don’t want to get vaccinated, okay? If you force them to give you a reason, they’ll tell you whatever nutty thing comes to mind. Here’s one: the vaccine is a worldwide conspiracy to reduce the population by killing us with a bioweapon. Or the government is covering up tens of thousands of deaths from the vaccine.

Some people’s reasons are that they’re scared to put something that was genetically engineered into their body. It’s funny that these same people have no problem eating bananas. If it wasn’t for CRISPR gene editing, the world’s banana supply would be consumed by the latest fungal banana-pandemic, called TR4. This has happened several times over the past 75 years, and growers have managed to find a type of fruit resistant to whatever fungus killed the prior supply. This time they’re using genetic engineering to save the Cavendish. Most people who won’t take the COVID-19 vaccine are fine eating bananas.

People who don’t want to take the COVID-19 vaccine are fine getting other vaccines that have, over the years, been made more effective through the use of genetic engineering. One example is the polio vaccine, which has switched from the original Salk deactivated virus (he used formaldehyde to force genetic damage, in a process that was also fictionalized by Aldous Huxley in “A Brave New World”), to the Sabin vaccine, which is genetically engineered. Mostly likely, people who don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine have gotten the Sabin vaccine.

People who are against all vaccines can’t be reasoned with. They are playing really stupid games with their lives, because diseases that used to be confined to small, insulated populations can now travel the world at breakneck speed. If you’re not vaccinated against them, and you travel or go places where people from other parts of the world go, you could get them, and die.

Why the medical administrative state, gone insane from trying to convince people who have the mentality of three-year-olds who won’t eat their peas, can’t process this is evidence of their own failure to connect in a way that makes sense. And that’s because the virus, along with every other really important thing in this nation, has been turned into a political weapon.

The reason many people don’t want to get the vaccine is because they reflexively and passionately distrust anything the nanny-state government tells them they must do. From Michelle Obama’s lunches, to mandatory coverages on Obamacare, people have been force-fed the progressive, cradle-to-grave government as helicopter parent line for nearly two decades. They are tired of being told what’s good for them.

A person with any degree of introspection would realize this and deal with it in a friendly manner. But politics has weaponized the virus into a “blue state versus red state” war. The states that Trump won in 2020 are being blamed for the resurgence of the Delta variant. It’s simply not true, but the narrative keeps being repeated in the media.

The New York Times showed evidence that Delta has a two-month cycle, worldwide in every country where it took hold. Delta will be peaking in the U.S., and as fall turns into winter, the states in the northeast which have enjoyed less outbreaks will have their turn to peak. Certainly, since there are more vaccinated people in those states, the peak will be smaller, but Delta is not strictly a “red state” phenomenon.

So instead of doing things that might begin to acknowledge the fears—medical fears, fears of totalitarianism, fears of conspiracy—the irrational vaccine refuseniks have, to play dog-whistle to them in a fashion, the Biden administration, along with the left-leaning media, has doubled down on punishment.

Some people aren’t going to listen to anyone. They’d rather unfriend you and sink back into their isolated news huddle filled with monsters, enemies, aliens, and anti-Christs than accept one fact from outside the bubble. Fine, they’re three-year-olds consumed with their own fantasies, and nothing anyone says will convince them. All I can say is we should avoid those people.

But there are a much larger group who would be open to hearing real facts if the medical folks would just engage them, without going bat-guano crazy at Nikki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicle story.

On another related topic…

This is even more troubling, that our military has been politicized. Gen. Mark Milley is depicted in the upcoming Woodward/Costa book as a lone ranger bent on keeping America from blundering into war. Set aside the fact that it’s almost never the highest ranking person in the military who keeps these blunders from happening—it’s usually some mid-level officer or even an enlisted trooper who keeps their head—if Milley did what the book says he did, it would be something worthy of ending his military career.

Most international misunderstandings are handled at the diplomatic or executive level, not by the military. They are handled by civilians. It seems that former SecDef Mark Esper made the decision to use back channels to inform the Chinese that their intelligence may be misunderstanding American intentions. President Trump had no appetite for war, though he blustered as if he did.

But again, nuclear war has been politicized, and arguing intentions is like trying to reason with a three-year-old, but the three-year-old is playing with a nuclear weapons launch code, the literal “button.” The concept that Trump could or would order a rogue nuclear strike has been fan fiction for over five years. It’s true that Trump believed some kind of nuclear war on planet earth was imminent, he never said that America would be the one to ignite it—only that we’d be prepared to respond.

Trump threw military threats around like the North Koreans promise a “sea of fire.” The Chinese may have misinterpreted something that the military was doing, along with our internal political troubles surrounding the election, and the particular vitriol Trump had toward the Chinese (“China virus”). But that doesn’t mean Milley saved us from nuclear holocaust.

In both the vaccine/COVID-19 and in the military’s relationship with the White House, the narrative by Democrats and liberal-friendly media has been to keep the dividing line bright and fixed. Instead of pursuing nuance (kudos to David Leonhardt at the New York Times and Jonathan Swan at Axios for actually pursuing the nuanced truth), the most serious issues today have been weaponized and politicized.

People who are beyond reason have been made into straw men for those who can be reasoned with. Three-year-old mentality stupid arguments are responded to by people who should know better than to engage. It’s all in service to a narrative that does not serve anyone on either side of the political fence.

Nobody sane or reasonable wants war with China. Nobody sane or reasonable wants to die of COVID-19. The fact that some unreasonable people, deeply embedded into either the crapulent world of brand-building through idiocy and controversy, or ensconced into their own fantasies of superheroes, aliens, and how to immanentize the eschaton, can consistently bait the supposedly-reasonable people into pointless arguments is evidence that we’ve all gone insane on politics.

We should take a break from it.


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