Stopping J&J for 6 clots is superstition-level fear

This is "vaccines cause autism" level stupid

Sorry to bomb your mailbox this morning, but I’ll be brief. The CDC and FDA are recommending a halt to the Johnson & Johnson “one and done” vaccine to investigate six women who reportedly experienced blood clots.

In a joint statement Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration said they were investigating clots in six women that occurred in the days after vaccination. The clots were observed along with reduced platelet counts — making the usual treatment for blood clots, the blood thinner heparin, potentially “dangerous.”

Taking the logic here to its conclusion:

I took the Janssen (J&J) vaccine last week. It had side effects. I was tired for a day. My heart rate went up a few beats per minute for a day. I had a mild fever. Then it was over. Millions of others have taken it with no side effects all.

There is no need to pause getting shots into arms to investigate six women who experienced blood clots. People in the U.S. have the blessing of being able to choose which vaccine they receive. People on blood thinners probably should avoid the J&J vaccine. Get Pfizer or Moderna, which are more widely available anyway.

But recommending a complete pause is reckless fear to the point of superstition-level. People will then call for stopping J&J completely, and then people like me will be considered to be some kind of freaky “at risk” for getting it. All with the same scientific evidence available that links measles vaccines to autism.