The most awful people

Conspiracy is the enemy of decency

There is nothing more tragic than losing a son or daughter. A young man, just 20 years old, named Harrison Deal, was killed last Friday in a terrible car wreck on Georgia’s Interstate 20. Deal was the boyfriend of Gov. Brian Kemp’s daughter, a campaign staffer for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, and a former intern for Sen. David Perdue.

This is a terrible tragedy for young Deal’s family, the Kemp family, and both of Georgia’s senators. People should be sharing in their grief and offering condolences.

Instead of compassion, conspiracy hounds have turned this tragedy into a horror show. Agitator and Democrat donor Lin Wood, who has accused the entire executive branch of Georgia’s government of a massive conspiracy to “steal” the election from Donald Trump, hauled a lot of trash in his wake on Twitter.

Now you’d think even a worm like Lin Wood might rebuke such a thoughtless, evil remark. But he didn’t. He doubled down on awful, because Lin Wood is an awful person.

Friends, we are one step beyond Pizzagate, the terrible conspiracy promoted by Infowars host Alex Jones in 2017, without any evidence, that a child-sex ring operated at a Washington, D.C. pizzeria. This led to a man showing up with an AR-15 and firing in the restaurant. Jones issued a rare apology for pushing this particular conspiracy (though you can’t link to it because it’s no longer on the site—that’s fine with me because I don’t want to link to Infowars).

Jones surfaced recently in Georgia at a “stop the steal” rally in Atlanta, at the capitol building. Awful people tend to cluster that way, almost like magnets attracted to money and gullible marks.

The next step in this march away from civility and decency into dark conspiracy would be for someone like James Hodgkinson to begin planning a response to the all-encompassing conspiracy surrounding the Georgia elections. If nobody, including the governor, will “fix” the problem, and now we’re seeing the tragic death of a college student portrayed as more than “coincidence,” then some dimwit is going to take this into his or her own hands.

Does Lin Wood care? Do his Twitter followers who call the tragedy of a car wreck and grieving parents “beyond sinister” care? They are awful people, and they are waving red handkerchiefs in front of raging bulls, the paranoid, the mentally unstable, and the just plain ignorant.

I can forgive those who can’t help themselves because they don’t know any better. Awful people like Lin Wood, however, have no excuse, and bear responsibility for whatever happens next.