When the circus comes to town

Trump Train end of line Washington D.C.

Tell me if you believe tomorrow’s festivities in our nation’s capital have the feel of a circus coming to town. Trump, always the carnival barker-in-chief, has given his imprimatur on a rally to beat all rallies opposite the Constitutionally mandated Electoral Collage vote count in joint session at the Capitol. The Stop the Steal rally will bring a grand parade of political wannabee, election denier, conspiracy theorist, hyper sensitive “don’t tread on me” types, and of course a knocking shop hoard of media. Washington has already called out for the National Guard to be on the ready to assist local police. It will be great sound and fury theater for those of us watching on TV. In reality it is dangerous and combustible with the threat of violence just a series of poor encounters away if the right people mix at the wrong moment.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill at Noontime we give birth to a new Congress. Our 117’th Congress to be exact. Their first order of business is to meet in Joint Session and formally count the results of the Electoral College vote. This circus tent is offers a foil for the rough and tumble rally across town. A touch of pomp and layer of dignity. Trump Republicans at this time and place will make a last stand objection to several state elector slates in a hope to do what? Overturn Biden’s victory? To right a stolen election? To retell election fraud stories that have not been legitimized in our court system? My guess is all of the above and none of it at the same time. Will the Trump Republicans with a Pence wink and nod be able to draw out this first order of Congressional business into a multi-hour debate on the election, with each state objection requiring a two hour speech and vote session? I hope not.

The end of the day tomorrow will be much as start. Biden will become President. Congress will move on. Trump will continue to rail against his stolen election. Trumpists will be as mad as a bunch of wet hornets and on the ready to follow Trump to his next endeavor with a quarter of a billion dollar war chest to wield against those that cross him. Congress will move on. The American people will be deeply divided with no relief in sight.

Trump will be remembered less for any grand policy and more for how he has changed politics.

History will look back on tomorrow as the day the Trump meteor, whose term ends in many ways tomorrow, went off into political space to who knows where.

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