Why make a racket?

Finding a voice in the silenced majority

I am not a professional writer.  Maybe not even an amateur writer, unless you count thank you notes to friends and hand written grocery lists always in my back pocket.  I do have opinions, but don’t often write them down, and usually keep them to myself.  I recently began sharing thoughts with my brother Steve a few mornings for a few minutes.  Sometimes we discuss minutia, like the ballot recounts in Georgia.  Sometimes it is light hearted like Ted Cruz’s Civil War style beard or sharing a laugh about what Baby Yoda did in the most recent Mandalorian episode.  These breakfast chats have evolved into a podcast, Breakfast with the Bermans, which I have entirely enjoyed doing.

So now I am ready to dive into the deep end and band together with my brother Steve and David Thornton whom I have enjoyed reading at The Resurgent and First TV.  My page is blank and keyboard at the ready.  I am not certain where this journey will take me.  I am certain that The Racket News will offer me a sandbox to express freely my observations on politics and culture.

I have a libertarian streak running through my political thought.  An independent sensibility, baked into the granite that is so famous in our great New Hampshire northern woods.  My antenna is always tuned to people with power believing they know how to live my life better than I do.  These are ideas that I will bring forward in The Racket News.

Making a racket is not new to New Hampshire.  Even before the shot heard around the world was fired in Lexington and Concord, Sons of Liberty were causing a racket.  In December of 1774, a band of patriots raided Fort William and Mary at New Castle and overcame the six redcoats on guard making way with 100 barrels of power.  The Union Jack was lowered and King George’s property put to patriotic use later at Bunker Hill.

So maybe in a small way the idea of The Racket grows from this spirit.No revolution sparked here by me.But everything about 2020 has made me feel like a member of a growing silenced majority that cannot trust what I am being told by people in power, elected and in boardrooms.Sounds like a racket to me.My hope is that The Racket News will be my outlet to call out and share my observations and in that way feel less silenced.