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Steve Berman

Steve Berman is a transplanted northerner living in the Atlanta area. Steve has been writing about politics and social issues for nearly a decade. https://post.news/@/stevengberman

Jay Berman

Jay Berman is an unrepentant New Englander and family man residing in New Hampshire. Jay is looking forward making noise at The Racket News.

The Racket News

Let's make some noise!

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas is a lifelong resident of north Georgia, an undeserving and imperfect follower of Jesus, and a die-hard Georgia Tech fan.

David Thornton

Conservatarian Christian and professional pilot from Georgia. Blogger for more than a decade. Twitter @captainkudzu Counter Social: @captainkudzu Post: @captainkudzu Mastodon: @captainkudzu@mastodon.world

Susan Bagwell

Evangelical, conservative, pastor's wife. Writer of Christian books, with politics on the side.

Ed Willing

Ed is a Christian #ConservativeInExile who finds finds himself outside the talking points more often than not. Single dad, former elected and sometimes activist

Chris J. Karr

A fellow with thoughts from Chicago @ notesfromthevoid.cc.