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Dec 26, 2020Liked by Steve Berman, David Thornton

Let's start with the fact you asked exactly the right question: I suspect Jay's answer was closer to the truth, he has no clue. Back in a previous life we worked with strategists who flat out told us, always ask and answer the "what" question.

It was an interesting discussion but i think it goes deeper. Do you honestly believe this will be the last covid19 relief package we will see? If the answer is no, then i think it is safe to assume trump is terrified Joe will come in and pass a bigger, "more beautiful" package that will make him look like a schlep

You know visual's are everything to him and if this round of help falls short, the next bailout will need be bigger. The other question i have is it really the 2k or the piece of internet legislation he really wants so he has more freedom on social media sites.

It would be fascinating to see them increase the $600 to 2K and not bend on the tech piece he wants.

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