"I don’t like the fact that it’s become faddish for same-sex couples to dominate media and entertainment as if it’s to throw mud pies at Christians; and I don’t like the fact that the supporters of gay marriage chose to preserve the religious aspects of marriage (versus offering civil unions) while forcing Christians to support what the Bible teaches is a sinful lifestyle against conscience."

I humbly submit that Christians *go out of their way* to be offended at same-sex marriages under the dubious auspices of "religious freedom".

Let me put it this way - there seemed to be a brief window pre-COVID where threesome relationships were a brief fad in the media, having been rebranded "throuples". I thought it was annoying and juvenile for the most part (and mainly an attention-seeking exercise), but I didn't feel like it was like someone diminishing or throwing mud pies at my own secular marriage and relationship. Exposure to it didn't make me feel like I was supporting it - it was just something else out there in the world. (I also have a good friend in such a relationship - I don't "get" it, but I don't view it as an affront to my existence either.)

One of the points that I make repeatedly in these conversations where Christians are complaining about the tyranny of same-sex marriages is to inquire whether they rail against no-fault divorce and no-fault divorcees to the same extent that they go after gay and lesbian couples. As a child of divorce, I can 100% say that my family structure was damaged by the fact that my parents divorced early (and for a good reason, as I was a VERY early teenage pregnancy, and kids that young don't know their asses from holes in the ground). I have friends with traditional straight parents whose family relationships were irreparably damaged and changed by their straight parents deciding to move on from one another.

Contrast with my life now - I live in a complex with 21 units and two to three (I'm not sure of one, and frankly it's none of my business) of them are occupied by married gay couples. We also have a number of traditional straight couples raising children and the presence of gay couples (one of which is raising an adopted child of their own) isn't making the neighboring marriages worse off - I'd argue the opposite is happening as those gay marriages and long term relationships are showing the kids growing up in our complex that family stability is a thing that people do, something I really didn't get to experience until I started attending school regularly with kids who had parents with healthy marriages.

To bring this back to Christians being offended and somehow oppressed by the existence of same-sex marriages, as a policy, I don't take those accounts seriously unless the complaining Christian is just as vociferous and vocal in highlighting the sins of divorce, premarital sexual relations, promiscuity, and all the other crap that straight people need to clean up in their own houses before complaining that somehow a gay or lesbian couple receiving the same privileges straight folk do under the umbrella of "marriage" is somehow making their relationships less stable. If you don't like what you see in the media, switch the channel, and let the Nielsen Ratings take care of the rest, as seemed to happen to "throuples".

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Man you make your religion look hateful and pathetic. Thank you.

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