About the Georgia spa killing spree

It's horrible, don't race to the hot takes

Sorry to pelt your email this morning. I felt this is important, so I’ll be brief.

A horrible series of homicides occurred last night in north Georgia. At two Asian massage parlors, a young man, 21-years old, white, with a neck beard and particular style of haircut that white supremacists favor, killed a total of eight people.

He was caught by the Georgia State Patrol fleeing down I-75 southbound through Crisp County. I am very familiar with that area, having spent many days in Cordele—I still have friends there. I also have friends in Acworth, up in Cherokee County, where the first shooting occurred. This story really hits home for me.

A bit of advice. There will be many hot takes on this story, from “don’t let white supremacists have guns” to “white supremacists have taken over America,” and the like. There will be a push to check people’s social media and their political opinions in order for them to possess firearms. There will be straw men burned and set back up again. Don’t go there.

This was first a crime that everyone of good conscience condemns. Left, right, Trumpist or socialist, it doesn’t matter the motive. We should be offering compassion to the families of the dead and good wishes and get well to the injured.

We should seek justice for the suspected killer, who I won’t name here, but feel free to read the story at the AJC. I won’t publish his picture, but I think my description of his looks is accurate.

Judging books by their cover is sin, and it’s the road to prejudice, racism, fear, and division. The suspect in custody deserves his day in court and his due process. If found guilty, I’d be in favor of the death penalty, if the legal hurdle is met.

Let’s not fall for the hot takes this time. Let’s not take the bait, please.

God, please bless those who protect us—law enforcement. Please be with those who are grieving and those who are injured. And Lord, please give us all peace in our minds and our spirits. In the name of Jesus, Amen.