Not to be That Guy, but it was ISIS-K that blew up the suicide bombers, not the Taliban.

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Sep 1, 2021Liked by David Thornton

From what I've read about the Taliban, their desired form of Islamic Caliphate and their overall beliefs, they make the Iranian mullah ruled Islamic theocracy look very tame and liberal, comparatively speaking. I think that because of our involvement in Iraq, Libya, and Syria over the past several years, Afghanistan kind of fell by the wayside as far as the attention most Americans paid to it. I wasn't aware just how extreme they are until fairly recently.

I think Arne Duncan is part of the ping pong game of using extreme, false moral equivalencies. These kinds of things are hurting the efforts to get as many people as possible vaccinated. The right starts one of them, such as comparing mask and vaccine mandates to the coming Fourth Reich, and those on the left such as Duncan tries to outdo them with the Taliban false moral equivalency. And vice versa. I hope that Arne and others realize that they are acting very Trumpy, even if they lack that self-awareness.

I think it would be in President Biden and the country's best interests if he hires some Democrats to work for his administration have solid national security and foreign policy credentials. I'm thinking that maybe he is getting some really bad advice from the more harder left progressives in his administration. I'm thinking that Democrats like Leon Panetta would be a really good asset for Biden, as he is not some hard leftist in any way. Another one with good creds would be former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman. There is also former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who would be an asset as well. Also, there is former Georgia senator Sam Nunn, who is a highly respected moderate to conservative Democrat, and his foreign policy/national security creds are beyond reproach. All of these Democrats are far more in touch and in line with where the American people are, broadly and collectively speaking, than VP Kamala Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, and the Squad. I hope that President Biden looks for these kinds of Democrats to help him govern, as it would benefit not only his administration but our country.

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