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You are far more kind than i David. I have found myself having to back away because the nonsense has grown to a point of obscenity. trump started the whine long before a vote was cast, he knew he was i trouble and this was his out. Start the blame game and ride it into the sunset. He "won bigly" was his lament, the deep state got him (including all those republican's who supported him). Who in their right mind buys this?

So here's where we differ, separate. I long ago learned this one truism: Bullshit is Bullshit. See how easy this is when you take out trying to be civil about all these idiot claims. He just needed his day in court, they had mountains of proof. They had butcuss. His day in court has come and gone and the daily ministrations become more bizarre and less realistic (if that's possible).

The best thing that will come of this will be the civil suits from Smartmatic and Dominion when they sue Rudy, Sydney, OANN and a host of others for defamation of character and libel. The statements made were crappola and their cases were even worse.

The other positive has been the folks at The Bulwark daily castration of these phony conservatives who are still trying to please the mango messiah (thank you Susan). Their names will forever be linked to the abysmal run by trump as he was kicked to the curb and acted the fool on the way out the door.

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You say the challenges were lost. I say they were never given a fair hearing. The Cobb County audit was good. Even better would be audits in Fulton and Clarke Counties.

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You are in a unique place to hold them accountable. You and Berman. Let's hope the two of you have the integrity to do so come senate runoff.

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