If my Thanksgiving menu agenda wasn't already overly filled (I'm getting up around 5:30am tomorrow to start cooking for visiting friends and relatives), I'd add this to the list. I still may add it, as it doesn't seem to require precious oven-minutes.

Unfortunately, my current menu is so overstuffed (pun intended) that I'll be making a run for the grocery store today to pick up some good old fashioned Stove Top stuffing, as the recipe I was hoping to make will take up too many temperature-volume-time oven units to prepare properly, where Stove Top lives up to its brand name (and it's sufficiently delicious to me). (Guests are bringing snacks and desserts.)

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and stays safe, and I'm personally grateful to Steve, Jay and David for creating this community, and motley crew of commenters who keep it lively.

If you're looking for a good reason to chill at home with the family, there's some great streaming content that dropped overnight that should keep folks busy - "Hawkeye" on Disney+, "8-Bit Christmas" on HBO Max (which seems to be making a play for the crown that "A Christmas Story" has held for decades), "The Wheel of Time" on Amazon, and more I'm probably forgetting. (And the Bears will be playing the Lions, if we need a new version of "Bad News Bears".)

Stay safe (and sane) everyone.

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