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Ever since the November election results were finalized, i looked forward to "normal" people coming to their senses and dumping the con man to try and regain solid footings and re-establish their sanity and their party. Everyday i read more bizarre stories as said normal people continue to become more crazed with rage, anger and stupidity. It is wholly illogical to me.

I suspect you know folks David who you held in high regard, were principled conservatives, and they still are buying the "election was stolen" nonsense, I know several, and i simply refuse to have the discussion. While trump is trump, the elected leaders who are carrying this yoke of oppression are the ones i truly resent. Their only excuse is to stay in his good graces.

They had their chance to wash their hands of him following January 6 and yet they elected to cling even more. If the events of that day weren't enough, nothing will ever change/save them. They have embraced the ride or die mentality to his wagon and there is no way out. I follow with interest the discussion for fixing/saving the GOP but for now, there doesn't appear to be any answers.

If the left pushes too far to the extreme, perhaps the logical conclusion will be a third "middle of the road" party where sanity, common sense and solid leadership will again flourish and the country will prosper. I find myself looking at alternatives because our two party system now leaves much to be desired.

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I'd like to share the first part, but then you start discussing Biden's speech. I'm afraid people will be distracted by that. Can you make the sections separate?

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