This will continue to be a partisan event which will make it easier for both parties to continue in this partisan fashion Down the road. What happens for conservatives after the trial?

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Feb 9, 2021Liked by David Thornton

Great column David. I wish that all 50 GOP senators would read what you have to say here. It is disheartening that getting 17 GOP senators needed to convict is a long shot. I want conservatism to be a strong and vital force in our country. One that is intellectually strong enough to convince the electorate that it is the best way to govern our republic. And certainly one that is strong enough to push back against the many of the harmful policy proposals of the left. But we can't do that as long as Trump is a potent factor within the conservative movement. The GOP did very well in congressional elections in 2020, as no major pundit predicted them picking up a dozen seats in the House. And they held their own in the Senate, losing only a net one seat after election night. Had Trump and his sycophants not engaged in this "#StoptheSteal" garbage, I have no doubt that Loeffler and Purdue would've won their runoff races, and that a GOP majority would've been effective in putting the brakes to some of the less than desirable, progressive policies that President Biden wants to enact. It is true that convicting and disqualifying Trump would make MAGAworld mad. But I believe that outrage politics have a very short attention span(without a demagogue to keep stoking flames), and the vast majority of the electorate(I never believed that loud, hard core MAGAbots never made up anywhere near a majority of the 74.2 million voters who voted for Trump) will move on. Granted, much what us rational, limited government conservatives hope for at this time is a long shot. But let's keep hoping and praying that wisdom and reason will eventually prevail among our elected officials. Thank you David.

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Mulligan???? Are you freaking kidding me Mike Lee???? I'm sorry for the rant David, but anyone with a living brain cell would be offended by such a ridiculous comment. But then, i am beginning to wonder if many on the right have any brain cells left after four years of making excuses for the orange guy.

Imagine had Black Lives Matter stormed the Capital, killed a police officer and the actions led to the death of another half dozen people. Then imagine Nancy and Chuck had spent two months egging them on and encouraging the pillage we saw on January 6. Do you honestly believe Cruz, Hawley, Johnson, Rubio and the other cast of miscreants would be suggesting to let it all go and just have a by-gone be by-gone? Spare me.

At some point in time, the right has to wake up and come to grips that trump is nuts; bat-shit crazy. He's not a conservative, he's not one of them. Why in the world would you let a man of his ilk destroy you and the party you spent your life trying to build? They really need to look in the mirror and see clearly what they have become. all to placate one man's ego-mania.

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