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Just top point out all those articles you quoted about the NY debacle are "left wing media". So why do I keep hearing the media doesn't cover this stuff? Why do people on the right not push back on that nonsense that just makes people not trust the media more. When its clearly a lie.

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When you look at the timeline for Cruz' trip, you'll see that he didn't lie. First, according to this (hostile) article, the roads had been decent when the Cruzes left, not icy like when he talked to Pags. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/02/ted-cruz-flees-texas-for-cancun-ditches-family-poodle.html?fbclid=IwAR053DeUrunUCtKn--kh1OslNwy3nbZgohrwT3ox4vUDdQvu6xC6d5k-w5A

The power didn't come back on until after they were already in Cancun.

As for the planned duration, yes, the original plan was for Ted to return on Saturday, while Heidi and the girls presumably would come back on Sunday. That plan was changed while they were still on the plane headed south. Ted realized he had to come back ASAP, which he obviously shared with the appropriate contacts. There's no contradiction here.

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