Democrats continue to pour Trump on the wound

GOP Divided

A divided Republican Party that is constantly in the Trump-orbit news cycle cannot focus on representing conservative thought and counterbalancing a liberal Democrat government. Trump’s exit from the White House, subsequent impeachment and trial have given Democrats the mandate that they did not earn at the ballot box. It is the gift that keeps on taking. Trump and his band of RINOs, in behavior and post election actions, have forced a rift in the GOP that at this time appears difficult to bridge. The status quo is not acceptable and either a mend or outright split is on the horizon.

We should be advancing conservative policy solutions, but instead political capital is spent defending or chastising a former president. Time is spent discussing the distinction between free speech and assembly versus inciting insurrection against Congress. All this because the former president wanted a second term, one he did not earn from the electorate.

The current Senate trial allows Democrats to continue to pour Trump on an open wound within the GOP and the nation. We still have the spectacle of watching Republican Senators walk the plank for Trump. Is it not possible to hold Trump accountable for his measure of responsibility for his post-election behavior and inciting a mob at the Capitol and still be a Republican?

We all need to move on from seeing everything through Trump-focused lenses. Be assured that the Democrats will continue to keep picking Trump up, only to partisanship knock him down. Convict or acquit: We need to turn the page. Find common conservative ground. Heal or be torn apart and start again if we must.

I don’t know how to remedy this situation, but it must be done sooner rather than later.


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