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Perhaps a different metaphor: Trump is a lead bullet. It's painful to remove, but leave it and it will poison (or kill). That makes the Dems a doctor trying to get that bullet out, while the Republicans are the victim fighting the temporary pain of surgery.

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100% true Jay; 100%. Virtually all of us have allowed trump to live rent free in ours heads. He revels in it; it defines him, it elevates him and it drags all of us, country included, down. You know better than i good republicans who have abandoned virtually everything they believed in and fought for to sacrifice it all to try and placate him.

Not to be crude but trump is simply a human shit-stain on the underwear of life. He cares nothing about anyone but himself. The reality is, most good politicians hate him but fear his base. The ugly politicians who are suckling at the teat (Josh, Ted and a handful of other lessor knows) want to become the next trump. How disgusting is that as a thought?

I sobered up 45 years ago. The booze was killing me but i was trapped, or so it seemed. Treatment, AA and the understanding with my higher power helped me come to grips with the fact i had to put the bottle in the cupboard and never, ever look at it again. My life changed immeasurably for the better. It's time for all of us to push trump from our lives and never, ever look at him again.

Evil is simply evil.

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It appears that after watching days of the impeachment proceedings it is Republicans who insist on pouring Trump on the wound. They had one last exit ramp and they missed it like a car load of drunks partaking in a pub crawl. They have set themselves and us up for another toxic dose of poison in 2022 and 2024. Trump now officially owns the party. The only way they get it back now is if he tires of using it as his personal play toy. I hope Trump hangs around their necks like the rotting Albatross he is.

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