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"This is where the atheists and worshipers of government whip themselves into a frenzy. They don’t want to be told they’re wrong, even as the world they hold so sacred crumbles around them."

"If humanity had any capacity to fix itself, rather than to self-destruct, then why are we, as a collective, still struggling? We are not evolving. We are sinking into lower, murkier depths. We are in a quagmire of selfishness and depravity. We are at a point of nation against nation, countryman against countryman. Fathers and mothers commit murder against their children."

In defense of the atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, and the all rest of us without a Deus Ex Machina who continues to allow this to happen just because mankind has not been praying hard enough, we'll work on fixing this issue with the tools that we have at hand, as opposed to wishing really hard that a Magical Sky Wizard will come down and fix what's broken in humanity that allows these incidents to continue to happen. I half-agree with you that government action alone will not solve this problem, but putting more butts in pews won't solve this issue either.

By throwing up your hands and consigning solutions to this problem to the supernatural realm, you deny the agency and ability of each and every one of us to resist succumbing to such behavior, and to be aware and alert and willing to to offer a hand of help should we see someone else slipping. While the devout wait to hear a Heavenly Voice telling them that it's solving the problem on their behalf or issuing edicts that must be fulfilled before the shootings stop, those of us firmly in the material world will already be working and exercising our own human agency to try and prevent the next murder of innocents. We don't need the permission or guidance of omnipotent beings (who seems to be fine with these shootings, as they keep happening) to do something productive.

Don't drive away your allies and fellow travelers just because they're trying to solve the same problem you are from a different epistemic angle. For all the flack people get for "politicizing" tragedies like this, using them as a vehicle for proselytization is more distasteful. You attack the problem from your angle and we'll attack the problem from ours. We don't need to be attacking each other and distracting ourselves from finding a solution.

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I've read your other posts and you don't have a problem "legislating morality" when it comes to abortion, though.

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The "law abiding citizens" phrase is such a cop out. We make laws restricting and regulating all sorts of things for "law abiding citizens": there's little/no reason why reasonable regulations and restrictions on guns cannot be enacted to minimize such evil acts.

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I didn't realize so many other countries have become perfect souls in service to an almighty god. Because there are a lot of them that seem to not have this gun death problem we do. Almost like it was something else that is the problem. The weak and stupid cling to a god to fix all their problems.

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Every single time I bring up satan eyes roll and there is an effort to change the conversation. How can people who say they believe in God deny that satan exists? My heart aches this morning, just as it has so many mornings. Thank you for this and I will share. I never stop hoping and praying for people to understand it’s not the weapon but the person who uses it that needs our attention.

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In the bronze age, primitive man didn't know what the sun or rainbows were. Gods are fictional.

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