Really Steve? Sometimes you absolutely amaze me. As long as we are just chatting, perhaps you can tell all the good things about gerrymandering. Seems to me "election reform (from either party) falls into the same category. Good for their side, horrible for democracy.

Help me understand. We just got through an election where we had the largest voter turnout in our county's history (that's a really good thing in my humble opinion). We had the experts from both the state officials and the feds tell us it was the most secure election in our history (that's another good thing). There was nary a court case where any voter fraud was proven (yup, another check mark in the good thing category).

Yet we see the dems shoving federal fixes at us and the righties attempting to change state laws to restrict voter turnout. Please explain how making it harder to vote is a plus. Please explain how people standing in line for 3 and 4 hours is democracy in action. We know they have been reducing polling places as they moved to mail-in ballots. And, you are right, rural locations where you can walk in and vote is way different than in huge populated areas where those long lines deter voting.

I get it; losing those two seats in Georgia was a bitch. Perhaps the republicans should focus on winning the battle of ideas with a real platform other than what the "orange guy says." Perhaps rather than focusing on the "big lie;" they should think about winning the war of wills rather than electing candidates who wear the letter Q scratched into their forehead.

And if you want real election reform make candidates tell the truth rather than making shit up. Hell, disqualify them if they are that brazen. How refreshing would that be?

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Tell me how this law is even within a light year of gerrymandering.

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It isn’t Steve, nor did i say it was. If you read my comments more closely i was simply asking if you could somehow make a “good thing” out of gerrymandering.”

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I know you guys sometimes disparage Fox News but Carl Rove presented a really good comparison of the new Georgia law with the Delaware voting laws. That was the only part of the program I paid attention to. Sorry I don't remember which show but It was some time between 11am and 3pm today, March 26.

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