Normal would be great. Although I'm already older than Joe Biden would be starting a second term, I agree he would be too old. In my opinion he already is, and I don't think his almost certain successor halfway through his second term would provide any normalcy.

Trump is where he is today because half of the voting population has been told non-stop how stupid they are, thereby solidifying their resistance to people they truly believe are on the wrong track. Too many of the deplorables are always-Trump. The pundits, the media, the blogs that aren't tied to identity politics and the political moderates should have ignored Trump when he left office and promoted reasonable alternatives. Unfortunately, most of the wannabe influencers could not resist the money and recognition they got by bashing a guy who had zero power except what he got from publicity.

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I'm really curious Steve, was this for real? Or, was hyperbole that necessary to make your point more valid. We know what trump would do, or at least what he says he would do if elected. It's the Biden piece that was puzzling to me.

Here's why: I used to be a flaming liberal, now more centrist. With that stated, i clearly have my bias. Rather than judging your comments from my perspective, I start every morning, following my news feeds, with The Bulwark. There are some brilliant minds on that site and more importantly they are "conservatives."

Admittedly they hate trump and what he has done to their party, but none the less, they are pretty objective (and divided at times) on the direction of the country. I would argue their take after two years has worn off the rough edges of a hard leaning lefty.

Back to the point, they often critique Old Joe. You cannot argue he's not old and at times puts his foot in mouth. They don't hide it and they do call him out when he does it. They also have been abundantly clear on what he has accomplished during his first three years and much of it has been for the betterment of the entire country. Flyover or major cities.

In fact, after the 4 years of trump (a president who shattered every norm we knew), Biden has been as normal a president as we have seen in a good long time. I know trump loves to refer to him as the Biden crime family and the most criminal president in history, but that's utter nonsense. You know it and i know it. Take Hunter out of the equation and what you have is an old guy who served his time and should have retired, but decided to take trump out.

For that fact alone, we owe him a debt of gratitude.

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It’s an extreme case, as I noted. However I don’t consider a Biden presidency “normal” given the circumstances.

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So are those Bulwark conservatives just working hard to make Joe look normal? Other than being old and a bit senile (a condition i can easily relate to) how has his presidency not been normal?

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Yes. Remember that their mission is never-Trump no matter what. Progressive, liberal, democrat, conservative, socialist, communist and Republican all take back seat to never-Trump. I've seen similar sentiments in the Morning Dispatch which is somewhat like the Bulwark.

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And yet almost every writer of note on there are what i would call solid conservatives. It's exactly why i asked David in one of his Supreme court columns why what it means to be a conservative these days. No answer yet.

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Bill Kristol is a neoconservative. Neoconservatism evolved from a liberal movement that became disenchanted with anti-American liberalism. Its conservatism is limited to a few issues.

Charlie Sykes was a supporter of Eugene McCarthy. He described himself as a different kind of democrat because he was pro-life. He saw how Rush Limbaugh made money as a conservative radio personality and followed in Rush’s footsteps by becoming a “conservative” radio performer.

Sarah Longwell is a lobbyist for neutering laws designed to reduce drunk driving. She is also an important player in the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that advocates for the homosexual lifestyle and seems to exist solely for the purpose of defaming Republican candidates who do not fully support their views.

Some of the staff do appear to be conservatives who do not like Trump. One does not care for Obama.

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You reap what you sow as they say and we’ve been sowing pretty much nothing but craziness for the past several years. In my view we have the media and elites to thank for much of the state we now find ourselves in, but there is no doubt in my mind that the bed has been made. I hope we can find our way out of it.

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