We were speculating elsewhere that the source of the cause was an old mainframe that The Powers That Be forgot about and the only person who remembered it needs occasional attention retired during COVID.

How plausible is that theory? (Hopefully not so much!)

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Jan 11, 2023Liked by Chris J. Karr, David Thornton

Just one more affirmation that early retirement was right for me. I expect a hassle for commercial flights. But if I had gotten ready for an early morning flight with my bosses out of Peachtree-Dekalb or Birmingham or Bush Field, a cancellation would have been very discouraging. I remember once having a corporate flight from Albany to Brunswick cancelled because of weather late in the afternoon. We had to get there and of course I was the designated driver.

Traveling east or west across the state of Georgia is a real pain because bridges across the larger rivers are few and far between. It seems like a 300-mile drive to get from Macon to Columbus.

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"The irony is that the vast majority of NOTAMs are viewed as nuisance items by most pilots. At large airports, the sheer number of NOTAMs can be overwhelming and most of these items are required to be listed by the FAA bureaucracy but don’t really affect the majority of flights."

Spoken like someone who knows they have to pay attention. I like that in a pilot.

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