Seems like mental illness is the only requirement these days to run for GOP office. Or is that to still vote GOP? Either way I can't think of a candidate I would rather face as a democrat than a pro-football has been with a serious mental illness and a history of abuse and anger issues.

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Interesting take Steve. For starters i dislike carpet-baggers. Doesn't matter which party, run for office where you live. Just my humble opinion.

Usually you can judge the character of a human by the company they keep. I don't care about 20 years ago when he put a gun to his wife's head or when he used to play Russian Roulette with friends who stopped by, all part of his illness. Perhaps he has recovered and is just fine.

I would however take Tim Miller's assessment from the Bulwark to heart and share with you and your readers this paragraph: "Herschel and Christian continued to bang the drum about fraud all the way up through Insurrection Day. In one of the many…many…tweets Christian sent about election fraud in January, he declared that to get a fair vote in Georgia, someone should “throw Stacey Abrams a bucket of Popeyes fried chicken to distract her.”

Christian is his son and again not interested in dragging his unique characteristics into the discussion. However, the minute walker becomes the voice of stupid regarding the big lie, he becomes one of them. Throwing more gas unto the fire, he helped stoke the flames of January 6 and beyond.

Nice Guy? Really? Sorry Steve not buying any of it. Nice guys don't feed the frenzy with lies and innuendo. They simply become part of the greatest con in the history of cons. Somebody bring in the band, strike up the music and then send in the clowns. Yet another in a long line of hanger-ons trying to suck off the trump teet.

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I think a major factor that will play into this Senate race, is whether refusing to promote the Big Lie will be a political liability to the MAGA base. Or conversely, just how much the Atlanta suburbs will tolerate if Walker indulges in election trutherisms in order to placate the base. In Walker's favor is that Trump is not President and not at the top of the ticket. But given that Trump won't settle for being quiet, it might not matter. With that being said, one of the major factors will be just how much of an influence Trump will have on the GOP by the time November 2022 comes around. If the former President's influence on the GOP wanes, candidates might have much less pressure to acquiesce the former President in promoting the Big Lie. Given that Georgia is now a swing state, Biden's approval numbers around the time of the midterm elections will have some impact on the Senate race.

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It's going to be interesting to see how Walker fares in this Georgia Senate race now that he has officially thrown his hat in the ring. I frankly don't know all that much about him, and what his views on the issues are. It seems that a major potential political liability for him is his history of mental health issues. If he was running about 10-15 years ago when Cobb and Gwinnett counties were solidly red, he'd be a near shoo-in. But with these two suburban Atlanta counties having trended sharply to the left in the past two election cycles, Walker is going to be walking a political tightrope. It seems those counties started trending blue around the time when Bush 43's popularity took a hit, and Obama announced his run for President. So it seems the Democratic trend did predate Trump, except the latter rapidly accelerated that process. So I'm interested to see if suburban Atlanta will reverse that trend in 2022, or continues its drift leftward.

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While Herschel is a nice guy, I have concerns about his known dissociative identity disorder for which he was diagnosed in 2001.

Symptoms of dissociative identity disorder (criteria for diagnosis) include:

The existence of two or more distinct identities (or “personality states”). The distinct identities are accompanied by changes in behavior, memory and thinking. The signs and symptoms may be observed by others or reported by the individual.

Ongoing gaps in memory about everyday events, personal information and/or past traumatic events.

The symptoms cause significant distress or problems in social, occupational or other areas of functioning.


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