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I love your take on this.

In other news - hearkening back to a prior column - it looks like Medicare negotiations on drug prices is back[1]:

"Democrats in Congress have managed to revive a prescription drug reform proposal that would allow the party to finally deliver on a campaign promise they’ve been making for 15 years: letting Medicare negotiate drug prices and lowering drug costs for patients."

"The breakthrough was the result of negotiations with a few moderate members of the Democratic conference who were uneasy with an earlier version. That version was briefly dropped from the Build Back Better Act, Democrats’ wide-ranging social spending bill."

"Nothing can be considered final until both the House and the Senate pass the legislation, but the new draft of the Medicare drug negotiations proposal appears to make some concessions to centrists who share the drug industry’s concerns about the effect of price controls on medical innovation."

Now, I fully expect this to go down in flames with the rest of the "Build Back Better Act", but it seems to be back in the bill at least.

[1] https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2021/11/4/22763175/build-back-better-reconciliation-bill-medicare-drug-prices

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