I do read the comments...

This breaks every rule of writing I’ve ever learned. I’ve been told over and over: “don’t read the comments!” Watch the movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” The whole plot turns because Ralph read the comments, and they can be cruel.

I’m a big boy and wear big boy pants. If you want to be cruel, that’s your problem. If you’re a Russian bot or a troll who is paid to write garbage, I’ll ignore you. If you’re just a face behind a keyboard and enjoy writing troll garbage, I’ll ignore you. I might even ban you.

The business guy inside my head says I have to see what people are thinking about what we’re doing here, so I read the comments. That means what you have to say here is important to me. I will read it. I may not react or reply to every comment (see above), but I will try to reply to the thoughtful and honest ones.

Feel free to comment. Flame wars, trolls, and idiots will be ignored, warned, and/or banned.