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Great comparison of "volts" to "wants". If humans did not want more, the advancement of civilization could have stopped with fire, food, water and shelter. Population would have leveled out to a relatively small number living in temperate areas. I can't imagine the Eskimos not becoming aware that following the sun southward would be the way to go.

A couple of more comments. I'm probably repeating myself, but I have an excuse.

My mother was a crazy democrat. She campaigned for LBJ against Goldwater insisting that Goldwater would get us into a war. Within two years she had two sons on orders for Vietnam. Not learning anything from LBJ's term in office, she later campaigned for Jimmy Carter and even attended one of his victory parties that featured barbecue. She said it was great to speak to the President, but he did not have Miller Lite on the menu.

The whiplash we experience after too much of one party having the upper hand should correct the excesses that have become the norm, but it doesn't work that way. The built-in bureaucracy hinders progress. They can get away with this because Congress doesn't pass real laws. They pass bills that might say something like "we want clean water" and, if the President signs it, he turns it over to the bureaucrats. Legislation should be constitutional, completely defined and difficult to pass without clearly popular approval.

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