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It's an interesting question David. That said, an exercise in fertility (intentional btw). It would take a fertile mind to sort through the controversy of AC (after covid) compared to WC (without covid). The one argument i would make is, the pandemic increased the vote totals beyond anyone's imagination. That alone hurt trump.

Th other argument i would make (as you and Steve kind of did), had trump acted like a responsible adult and led the country through and out of the darkness and into the light, he would have been re-elected. Yes he was unpopular, yes it would have been close, but he had the golden ring in his hand and instead of grabbing it, he shoved it up his ample ass.

Sorry for the ugly graphic, but the numbers of dead don't lie. The crushing impact of a leader who refused to support even the most modest of mitigation techniques is almost beyond comprehension. The man is and always has been a one man wrecking crew. He creates a tidal wave and then wonders why people drown?

While the question is interesting, the bigger jaw-scratchier is how and why so many people still support him. Why grown men who are smarter than many still cling to the big lie? How the Grand Old Party became the party of fools and miscreants? What the hell happened to "conservatives" that they could embrace a con man who was anything but a conservative? Those are the questions worth pondering.

The good news is, trump will always have to live with the fact he lost to a man who was/is well past his prime. For an narcissistic ego-maniac, that will devour him from the inside out no matter how many times he looks in the mirror and moans of the hoax.

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I always wonder why Trump and his campaign felt it was effective to refer to now President Joe Biden as "Sleepy Joe" during the campaign. I mean, given that Trump spent so much time junk tweeting, as well as making the campaign and everything else about himself, that "Sleepy Joe" was actually an unintended compliment to Biden! Given that Trump never made any attempt to behave and comport himself in a responsible manner, Americans would end up preferring a boring, vanilla President that was, well, "sleepy". And sure enough, being sleepy was enough to give Donald Trump his walking papers.

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