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The CCP has an in because of our reliance on their industries and commodities. We have no similar advantage. Whatever they need from the USA, they simply steal it or copy it. I'm not sure we could build much sophisticated equipment in a timely manner using only components from North America.

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There is NOTHING China makes that the U.S., given time, could not make more productively. We are the most productive nation in the history of the world. What China beats us in is patience and the attitude of living cheaper for the benefit of their society. They have better harmony (given that the CCP forces it where it breaks helps). We are lazy. They oblige us. If we were not so lazy and super competitive, we wouldn’t be interested in giving work to China. But our laziness forces us to innovate. There’s a trade off. If we need to we can live without China making everything for us. We will have to be less lazy.

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I completely agree. We could produce whatever we need, given time. "Given time" is the key phrase. When I retired 22 years ago, it took years to procure large industrial components and much of those components came from Asia. I remember when I could get medium size castings in a month or two from a foundry in NE Atlanta. It's been gone for decades.

In today's world, the need for change seems to happen almost instantaneously, while change itself is complicated and seems to take forever.

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