Audition call for an effective chief executive are out. How long will it take for the right person to surface?

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Jan 27, 2023Liked by Steve Berman, Chris J. Karr, Jay Berman

I have hoped, since the 2020 election, that Biden would be 'one and done.' I am extremely pessimistic about the direction of this country. Idiocracy seems to be a reality. There is a dearth of deep thinkers amongst political leaders at all levels. It is unfortunate they have not availed themselves of an education that would include the philosophers to whom the Founding Fathers referenced as they worked to create this nation.

We need the men and women in leadership positions to possess a high degree of intellect, discernment, and integrity. I'm not seeing much of that, especially in today's GOP.

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Joe Biden is treacherous, treasonous, a grade a liar, and a plagiarist. These are the reasons he should not set foot in ANY hall of government ever again. Of course, he should be tried for his crimes and rot the rest of his life in a jail cell, but I digress.

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