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Well said David, as always. I have no problems with Mandel’s desires to instilling faith and tenets associated with Christianity so long as it is done through the culture, and minus the coercive power of the government. In other words, free will and choice. People often forget that what can be forced on others via state power can also be forced upon them, depending on who is in power.

If I lived in Ohio, my first choice would be Matt Dolan. He seems to be the least Trumpy of them all. A few of his positions are to the left of mine, but his low level of Trumpiness atones for that. 2nd choice would be Mike Gibbons. I would like to see at least one of the non Mandel/ Vance candidates to drop out to help ensure that Mandel and Vance will not win the primary.

To see both Mandel and Vance go down in flames to defeat after spending all this time and resources subjecting us to their ridiculous clown show, would be just plain awesome!

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The guy's a chump and doesn't deserve anyone's vote. Something is wrong with him.

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"Mandel is making a desperate attempt to pick up enough Christian voters to put him over the top."

Just another example of christianity being a blight on the world. And a reminder of all the people who had to die and be tortured so that we didn't have to live under its thumb.

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