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Good article Steve, bad header. Sorry for being critical, but simply reducing this to Mitch's problem minimizes just how terrible it is. Sadly, the bigger picture is how awful it is for the country at large. We need two responsible parties with their own ideologies and platforms. We need statesmen willing to lead and compromise for the good of the country.

We could not be further from that place than we are right now. I was delighted following the election, not because Biden won, but because trump lost. That simply meant America won. Democracy prevailed over craziness and the idea chaos somehow made sense as we spiraled out of control.

It was refreshing to see the big political news of the day was Bernie's mittens. Politics isn't about ratings, it is about getting things done that benefit the country. January 6 was one of America's darkest days and the idea any number of republican's stood up and said they had had enough was encouraging.

And now, we find this nonsense; trump still holds these pathetic excuses for politicians hostage. They are simply incapable of standing up for what is right and they are still letting trump's massive ego dictate their every move. There is no logical or legitimate excuse for allowing the orange guy to escape holding him accountable.

This isn't a Mitch problem, this is a plague personified as trump lays waste to our country and our political process that we all believe in. He is a pathetic excuse of a human being and those unwilling to cut him loose are no better. It will never end will it?

Freaking Shameful.

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It harms the long term health of our nation as well. This strikes me as a craven and nihilistic attempt to maintain power, and that the GOP has abandoned any principle of accountability and responsibility. This is not surprising, considering the move from generating ideas/solutions to instead relying on grievance. It looks like the next moves are to move away from democracy in general.

At this point, the best we can expect is that the principled conservatives leave the GOP and become either Independents or form their own party.

We need a conservative

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At some point a political party becomes the ideas for which it stands. To continue to undermine the process of impeachment simply because of political expediency is to quite literally become the party representing sedition, insurrection, and anti-constitutional positions. This eventually leaves you in the position of supporting irreconcilable differences between a conspiracy theory motivated and radicalized whacked-out base, and what amounted to those who believed in Republicanism. Since McConnell and the majority of republicans have opted for the former rather than the latter, no winning coalition can be created going forward which would result in republicans consistently winning elections. Either McConnell hasn't thought this through or he has completely succumbed to the idea that the future of the Republican party isn't worth saving.

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Whatever keeps the democrat socialists occupied that doesn't involve legislation.

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