Apr 7, 2021Liked by David Thornton

Every time i read about your comments regarding Facebook i am more stunned than the time before. I have followed your comments from the old Resurgent days and i have yet to find anything you say as worthy being suspended. Don't agree with several of your positions but that is why i read you. You lay out your points and avoid the pissy stuff so many thrive on. I just don't get it.

This column was intriguing because as i read it, all i could say to myself is "when pigs fly." The GOP is locked and loaded on trump et al and even the normal ones are stuck in the twilight zone. You are spot on as the dems will continue to shred the picture that Joe is a commie and as he delivers on stuff to grow the economy and help people get back to normal, he will be tough to throw darts at.

Hate to raise a competitor's site, but did you read Jonathan V. Last's email piece this morning? It was entitled "Red Bull Elon Musk, and Matt Gaetz." It might have been one of the best pieces i have read regarding the issues we are facing and especially the republican party. If you can't find it, let me know and i will forward it to you if you like.

I am a subscriber to the Bulwark and in all likelihood will renew this year, i enjoy several of their writers. I suspect i will have to make a decision once you guys put up a pay wall, love your stuff, Steve drives me nuts. Perhaps if you brought Susan around more often it would make me more inclined.

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