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I couldn't agree more, accountability is a rarity for any politician these days. I don't want to hear about previous administrations, i want to hear how and why you got it so wrong and more importantly what you are going to do about it. If the answer is nothing, then accept your abysmal failure and admit you were caught up short and you screwed up. It's that freaking easy.

I am always stunned how we can get things so wrong so often. I am always stunned people in power with access to the best intelligence sources in the world can be that far off. It's obvious to this outsider we were simply propping up a government and forces who were more than happy to feed off the trough for billions of dollars.

I guess the biggest question of all, has Afghanistan taught us anything at all? If so what? Biden et al need accept and admit their failure(s). I like Joe, voted for him, but he has to do better, way better. BTW, who wrote this column? Every other has a by-line, this one is labeled The Racket News. Curious.

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