"Young went on to complain that Spotify’s music files are of low quality and inferior to other sites. While I can’t hear the difference, Joe Rogan was apparently not Young’s only complaint about Spotify."

It's worth noting that Young has run a streaming service himself, when he wasn't happy about the audio compression used on major platforms at the time[1]:

"Yes, albums are expensive. And it's true that many people probably won't appreciate the difference between the atmospheric, rich Pono pumps out and what they're used to hearing from Spotify or YouTube. But some will. It's not as if Neil Young's fans suddenly started funneling their concert ticket money into Pono's development. There's a very real market of people who want to hear music in the pristine quality it was recorded in. That's the very pitch that Neil Young has made central to Pono's purpose, and there's a reason Young's Pono isn't alone in pursuing those listeners."

It went out of business a few years later.


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