"He is under nine (I think) felony indictments..."

Off by an order of magnitude: 91 charges.


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Unfortunately, delegate rules don't really end up mattering. Take it from someone who tried to pass a conservative Rules package in 2016--and was physically harassed for her efforts--the RNC does what it wants and the current RNC leadership is beholden to Trump even more than it was in 2016.

Ted Cruz won Alaska, Utah, and Iowa. All of the delegates from those states were awarded to Trump on the convention floor. In some cases it was because Cruz suspended his campaign. But in most it was because the state parties had "the over-all winner takes all, no matter what voters say" rules.

I would love for Haley to stay in and fight. But the strain that will put on her, and her family, and her staff, isn't worth it.

This is Trump's party, God help us all.

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What I hear on tv from South Carolina is Trump is inevitable so why bother. That attitude is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I give up. I just can’t fight this fight anymore.

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