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I'm not really into the fantastical fantasies you write about. But I am into proper authority. The only proper authority in USA government is the Constitution which is being twisted and contorted instead of strictly interpreted. Populism of one sort or another will eventually prevail - whether it's my type of right-wing populism or the leftist nanny state populism.

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But Curtis, if populism is the ultimate authority, and for nearly 80 years liberals have dominated our laws and social values, why haven’t they been able to change the Constitution more? The ERA failed. Roe v Wade is overturned. Populism has its limits in the U.S. and is not a proper form of authority for all but the most, well, popular, decisions. Meaning those which don’t involve a left and right.

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Very true. I do not expect the Constitution to be amended. I expect the language and its meaning to be changed to justify any interpretation of the Constitution desired by the ideologues in charge at any given time. Examples are treating farm ponds that collect runoff or spring water as waters of the USA or justifying almost any federal overreach by using the interstate commerce clause. I do not exclude that right wingers engage in such a practice, and they possibly could get something right like recognizing the powers delegated to the States.

Right now, the trend is toward the nanny state. If the nannies manage to control the Presidency and the Senate for four or five election cycles the trend might become irreversible.

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