As one of the religious "nones" you mention, I don't have a lot to add to your discussion or about the intersection of politics and religion (other than to point out the many "mulligans" when someone's coming after me for being an immoral heathen).

That said, I wanted to say that as a reader, I really appreciate the honesty, curiosity, and intellectual consistency on display here at The Racket. You all are doing a great job and it's clear that you're pouring yourselves into it. Also, as someone who came over after Erik Erikson's Remnant shut down, it's been an absolute joy watching all of you make this not just a worthy successor of what came before, but to surpass the original in every way that matters.

Keep up the good work.

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Jun 2, 2021Liked by Chris J. Karr

Russell Moore leaked a letter he sent to the ERLC.


In it he shreds the racism, idolatry, false teachers, and terrorists that plague not just the SBC but all of evangelicals. David French has been spending his time exploring the sexual, physical and mental abuse rampant throughout the church. For trying to speak truth they have been treated horrendously.

Meanwhile you have Erick Erickson, the son of slave owners and a proud descendant of the confederacy saying the reason you haven't heard of the Tulsa massacre is there "just isn't enough time" to teach it. You have you straight up saying that CRT is incompatible with christianity and to justify that nonsense you link to articles by the very people Moore is screaming about.

At some point maybe you should stop worrying about what is going on in black churches and wonder why you can come to a point in your life where you think voting for Donald Trump was the right answer.

Christianity has been a fake religion for decades more interested in political power and projecting a false morality than any sort of actual outreach. Churches spend more time demonizing Transgender people or gay people or black people than they do anything else. I just have to wonder how many "other" groups will the church harass and insult before they run out and finally have to look at what horrible trashy examples of humanity they are.

Oh and until that happens the church can't die quick enough as it is just a vehicle for hate and stupidity.

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