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Right on all counts.

It takes only a few instances of police brutality to create bad expectations. It also takes a rare talent to balance the need for self-restraint when aggressive action might be called for. A former industrial security employee where I worked decided to go into law enforcement and became assistant police chief in a small Georgia town that had experienced racial tension. He (a white guy) was caught on video that made the local news talking down a black man armed with a shotgun and threatening violence. If he had failed, he would have been dead. That was special. I could not have done it, nor would I expect anyone else to do it. A sniper would probably have been able to take him out with Joe Biden approved leg shots.

I actually believe that Paul Pelosi was pretty cool considering the situation he was in. You did good calling out the people who speculated on the incident without any real information. They should stick to criticizing Pelosi politics.

Hopefully, General Minihan is wrong. I read on another site that he may have been warning the military establishment that our armed forces are not sufficiently prepared and we are not doing much about it. I wonder if his superiors approved his memo. It's unusual, but not unheard of, for general officers to create controversy.

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Thanks Curtis. Good insights there.

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