"I think we need to begin to heal, and that needs to start with the federal government calling off the legion of Inspector Javerts, and have people who marched on the Capitol, even entered it, return to their lives. For those few dozen who planned mayhem, throw the book at them, pick it back up, and throw it again."

I'd still throw the book at the folks who entered the Capitol building as that's trespassing, and in the spirit of deterrence, we don't need another Jan. 6 happening where another group decides to test the limits of the rest of our patience. It's not like it's difficult to NOT trespass - I was in a protest(?) during the Trump years against him firing Mueller, and we had ZERO problems not invading the federal building in downtown Chicago where we were making ourselves heard. (For whatever that ended up doing.)

If I had more confidence that Jan. 6 was traumatic enough to all involved that we don't have to worry about it happening again, then maybe I'd be a bit more lenient. However, in the spirit of deterrence, there have to be real consequences to make folks think twice about running this same stunt again. I'm not sure we're there yet.


"The deterrent to another January 6th is for voters to remove from office every politician who refuses to condemn the actions of the president who helped incite the crowd, the planners, funders, and then main actors who led the crowd. They should all go. Every last one of them. No dog whistles. No informal connections, no funds. Any link should disqualify them from office."

Agreed, but this has zero chance of happening. And a consequence with no chance of being enforced deters nothing.

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Why does the statement, "we need to heal" always just mean do what I think is best for people who are like me. How about the healing of the 100 cops who got hurt and the 3 who killed themselves afterward?

I really do hope that's an unpopular opinion here because its freaking disgusting and its exactly how R. Kelly and others get away with the crimes they commit. People who like or sympathize with a person who just want what's best for them, justice be damned.

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