"I actually got fired from an editing gig for writing a pair of essays regarding 'a more gun-friendly culture' through more effective gun control. I suggested a few measures like they have in Israel (where there are plenty of guns and no Second Amendment right to own one). 'It’s a major offense in Israel to leave a gun unattended,' I wrote. 'In the U.S., it can lead to discipline against a police officer (such as the Capitol police sergeant who left a gun in a bathroom). In Israel, leaving a gun in a car unattended will lead to prison.'"

YES X 1000 (to the perspective on this issue, not your firing).

One of my personal policy hobby horses is advancing the idea the gunowners should have 100% confidence AT ALL TIMES where their firearms are and who is using them. My personal pet policy is that in crimes committed with firearms, firearm owners should be charged AS SEVERELY as the criminal committing the crime if their weapon was used in the criminal act. The only "out" for this is notifying the local police department ASAP that your weapon is no longer under your control BEFORE the crime is committed.

If you cannot lock your weapons up in a safe that gives you the 100% confidence or you can't carry a weapon on your body secure enough that you're 100% confident that someone won't take it, you have ZERO business possessing a firearm.

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Apr 18, 2022Liked by Chris J. Karr

You can't put your gun in a locked case in the trunk and drive through those States?

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