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Thank you David; sanity is still alive and ticking in the hearts of the true conservatives. Nope, i ain't one, but have enormous respect for those of you pragmatic enough to understand the other option was akin to a nuclear explosion. Trump was and still is that dangerous to the America we all love.

For some reason i still get a morning dose of your old pal EE. This in spite of asking first politely and second rudely to take me off his email list of hope the sucker buys my subscription. I have noted now that he has gone to fill Rush's shoes, his tone has become more acerbic, more bitter. I suspect it happens when for six hours a day you get the horde breathing down your throat and up you... well you get the picture.

The only point being, anyone, ANYONE still capable of supporting the jackass after January 6 is neither a conservative or dare i say a true American. Sorry, downplay that sad day in American history all you want, but he fed it, inspired it, caused it and then pretended it was Antifa. And, the rubes ate it up. There truly is one born every minute.

As far as Joe, i love it. Nope not because of his agenda. I just don't need my president consuming my news feeds. I don't need to see him on every channel ruining my day with his stupid. He's got a handle on the pandemic, the economy is growing and his agenda will only become reality when he creates buy-in either by the right or the American public.

So again, thank you David, maybe there still is hope.

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I voted third party in November, but I was hoping the GOP could hang on to the Senate. Then we really would have had divided government. I blame Trump for the Senate loss, as well as for alienating too many people to win his own election race last year.

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I feel the same way as you David. While I didn't vote for Biden, I do not regret not voting for Trump. I did a protest write-in vote, as the differences I had with progressive Democrats were too much of a hurdle for me to overcome. But I fully respect and understand your decision to vote for Biden. I know you voted for Biden because you are a conservative, and not in spite of it. Trump has had a ruinous, cancerous effect to the conservative movement and he had to go, and we can all agree that his defeat is for the long term health of conservatism.

As for EE, I still listen to him, and appreciate his voice like I appreciate David's. Breaking the Trumpian stranglehold in the conservative movement and the GOP, generally speaking, will not an easy task. And I think having different voices like David, Erick, Jay and Steve, is helpful. I think Erick tends to represent more of the reluctant Trump voters and the everyday GOP voters who voted for Trump ought of habit of always voting Republican. They are very different from the overheated Trump superfans, who have gone completely off the rails insane. I'm happy that he does debunk the anti-Vaxxer and "stop the steal" nonsense regularly, among other things. We need all these voices if the conservative movement will be able to move past Trump. I'm hopeful, but realistic.

I sure hope the GOP isn't foolish enough to nominate Trump again in 2024, as I really would love to support a limited government conservative(Ben Sasse, Liz Cheney types). As for Congressional races, I'm going to support Liz Cheney's reelection bid. I really hope the voters of Wyoming recognize her integrity and character, and give her a decisive win over her Trumpy challengers in the GOP primary.

I think we can be cautiously optimistic. I'm glad that there are conservatives, moderates, and liberals of good will, who aren't the partisans shouting up expletives on Twitter and social media in general. I think(if I'm not mistaken) the recent polls I've seen reflect that, with Trump's hold on the GOP slowly ebbing. I don't know if this trend will continue, but I'll take any good news and hold out hope.

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As long as you're thrilled with illegal aliens invading across the southern border and multi-trillion dollar spending sprees and turning the military into a social justice experiment and rioting and emboldening international enemies and destroying American jobs, you will soon be ecstatic. Check out the AP story on US Steel cancelling their $1.5 billion investment in steel production in western Pennsylvania and how their focus will now be on zero emissions in the near future. You pick loser socialist partisans rather than face the turmoil of what it takes to fight for success.

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