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It seems republians have already cast their lot. Going after people who vote for impeachment yet ignore actual qanon crazies seems pretty straight forward acceptance. Now we will see how smart dems are. I have always said the average democrat is more educated and logical than republicans, they will get to prove it now. We will need to accept the fact that not everyone is going to walk lock step in this party and that will probably be disappointing to everyone at some point.

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Good article David, though i suspect those on the right seldom bother to read or analyze why they lost or what they did wrong. Too bad, they should. Sadly, in this case, it both starts and ends with trump. He is simply toxic on so many levels. And to think, Kelli Ward got re-elected as party chair here in AZ is almost unthinkable. She is freaking nuts.

Here's the other thing that comes to mind as i read your comments and think back to an exchange with a poster on Steve's column from yesterday. Calling everyone with a D attached to their party a socialist is ludicrous. My guess is those doing so have never known or come in contact with true socialists.

In my previous work life, i knew several, and knew them fairly well. We didn't have much in common and they very often hated the democrats nearly as bad as those on the far right hated them. There's a massive difference in true socialists compared to folks who value working towards the collective/common good.

The reality is, fixing labels on people is a lazy mans approach to arguing one's point; or being willing to look at the other side of an argument. I always hated when they called moderate republican's RINO's. Parties should have the capacity to recognize differences of opinion. There-in was one of trump's biggest faults. With him it was all in or you were on the outs.

Moderation and being willing to compromise isn't a sin, it's a quality the few remaining statesmen left in politics have come to embrace. We need more of them...from both parties.

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