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It sounds like many on the right are calling for what seems to be a right-wing version of the Fairness Doctrine. Their rhetoric against "Big Tech" is hard to distinguish from that of hard leftists who harbor animosity towards big oil, big Pharma, and other big corporations. The common belief among these right-populists and leftists is that they think they entitled to the goods and services of these companies, on their terms. If we don't like the decisions of social media firms or other corporations, we can vote with our feet via the free market and patronize another firm. Companies always pay attention to the bottom line, so if their decisions create enough dissatisfaction to the point where they lose business, they will be forced to adjust. And in other cases, if there isn't yet an alternative for the goods and services provided by one company, enough demand for them can result new competition being created. Using the heavy hand of the government to punish companies because we don't like their policies removes any incentive for the company to economize and provide the best value proposition for us as the consumer. Choice and competition via a free market make that possible.

If anything, instead of using the government as a bludgeoning tool against companies whose decisions we don't like, as conservatives we should advocate for policies that promote and allow for a healthy free market. Competition and choice is what does and will keep companies in check.

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You should be careful about using a dictionary definition in today's world. It might have been changed in the last few hours by someone who agrees with Mazie Hirono or some other idiot. I do think that all content protections enjoyed by social media should be voided. If they censor the content, they own the information on their platform. A better system would be a media that allows all legal content and makes the poster responsible for his posts.

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