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I just entered the United sweepstakes: thanks for the info, I hadn't seen it!

On another note: why'd you blur out your first name? We all know it (unless Steve is a pseudonym).

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You all know it, but the Internet is a big place where images fly around far and wide.

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I think what would be a good idea is for the people to have an option of vaccine passports offered by the government for a nominal fee. This would go a long way in helping the tourism/travel sectors of the economy recover. I used to do a lot of international travel prior to the pandemic for both work and leisure, and I think with many countries around the world still trying to vaccinate their population, they've left these 7 or 14 day quarantine rules for visitors. Not to mention Covid testing requirements. These quarantining requirements are making it a challenge for us who need to travel internationally for work, especially if there is more than one foreign destination on a given trip. I think that maybe with a vaccine passport, countries around the world could waive quarantining and Covid test requirements for those that have them. Just my two cents.

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